Om Namah Shivaya
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Batukbhai Vyas: Pioneer of Rudraksha Shivling

Since the last 26 years, he has been coming from Mahashivratri Anusthan. I would like to draw your kind attention towards various Shivling viz, vertical, horizontal, tall, big or small or made of different kinds of materials. Lord Shiva is a prominent God of the Hindus; I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. I have been making the Shivling for the last 13 years and warship Lord Shiva’s Lingam traditionally.

The idea behind the creation of the Shivlingam is to glimpse of innumerable divine Rudraksha and to worship them and to make them Sidhdh - pure (effective). In “Puranas” a lot of importance of Rudraksha is given we make Lingam shape and made them more effective. To glimpse of Lakhs of Rudraksha and make people glimpse with devotion to God and good deeds. It’s a divine pious, non-commercial Rudraksha Shivling.

The making of the Rudraksha Shivling was began in 2000 AD The first Shivlingam was of just 11inches and the sizes increased up to 31.25 feet.

National, International and local media gave extensive coverage of the Rudraksha Shivling. PTI, AFP, ANI kind agency, The Times of India, The free press journal,The Indian Express, DNA, Rajasthan Patrika,Star News, IBN7, Aaj Tak, Zee News, etv Gujarati, TV9 Gujarati, Doordarshan Gujarati (Girnar), prestigious Gujarati daily news paper Gujarat Samachar Mumbai Samachar,Sandesh,Divya Bhaskar,Gujarat Mitra, Mid Day,Janmbhumi,Nav Gujarat Times, Daman Ganga Times and many more hon’le news paper, and many news channel cover the event.

First Time In The World

World's Biggest Rudraksha Siddhi Prayog

31-25 feet tall Rudraksha Shivling made by 20,00,000 (2 million) Rudraksha Beads.

On 19th Feb.2012 Sunday 11-30 am, Rudraksha Shivling was inaugurated by Hon’le Mr.M.D.Kabra: Chief commissioner of Income Tax, Gujarat State. In present of Hon’le Smt. Leelaben Ankoliya: Chairperson of Gujarat State commission for women – Gandhinagar, Hon’le Shree Dr. RajAshok Shetty: Observer Limca Book of Records, Famous Chartered Accountant Hon’le Shree R.L. Kabra and other celebrity of society was part of the inaugural ceremony. In present of print, electronic media and number of devotee dignitaries open the curtain which covers Shivling. All the celebrity and people who inaugurate this unique Rudrksha Shivling did religious Pooja and Abhishek from known 31 priest And Famouse Bhagwatacharya Pujya Shree Pankajbhai Vyas and Bhagwatacharya Pujya Shree Bharatbhai Vyas.

For divine devotion (Anusthanam) it is the sole motive behind their divine creation of Shivling.

Devotees worship, Abhishek and glimpse the Rudraksha Shivling free of cost. The enormous Shivling was inaugurated on 19-02-2012 and was open for devotee to 4th march 2012

In 15 days long celebration. World famous-world first Rudraksha Shivling Darshan– Abhushek,Rudraksha Sidhdhi Prayog, Mahamrutyunjay Mantrajap, Homatmak Maharudra Yagya, Abhshekatmak Maharudra Yagya, Rudrabhishek, Bhandara-Mahaprasad, Blood Donation Camp, eye Donation camp etc;

  • The complete height of the Rudraksha Shivling was 31 feet 3 inch.
  • The diameter of the Rudraksha Shivling was 16 feet.
  • Total No. of Rudraksha beads: 20,00,000 / Twenty lacks (2 million)
  • In hours = 27096 hours taken.
  • In minutes 27,096 X 60 = 16,25,760 minutes.
  • In seconds 16,25,760 X 60 = 9,75,45,600

Devotees from the every part of the Gujarat, other state of country came during 26th MahaShivratri Mahotsav 2012, more than 5, 00,000 devotees got the divine chance to glimpse it.

With this 31 feet 3 Inch Rudraxa Shivling I am going to break my own Rudraksha Shivling record.

Rudraksha Shivling Made By Shiv Kathakar Shree Batukbhai VYas.

(01) 11 inches made of 3000 Rudrakhsa, Dharampur, Year 2000
(02) 15 inches-5000 Rudraksha, Dharampur, Year 2001
(03) 02 feet-10000 Rudraksha, Dharampur, Year 2002
(04) 2-1/2 feet 51000 Rudraksha, Dharampur, Year 2003
(05) 03 feet-100000 Rudraksha, Dharampur, Year 2004
(06) 04 feet-151000 Rudraksha, Dharampur, Year 2005
(07) 07-feet-251000 Rudraksha, Dharampur, Year 2006
(08) 11 feet-700000 Rudraksha and. Dharampur, Year 2007
(09) 15 feet – 900000 Rudraksha Dharampur, Year 2008
(It was get place in Limca Book of Records 2009)
(10) 21 feet – 11,00,000 Rudraksha, ( Shree Balaji Bhagwan -Balaji Temple, Sillvassa ) Dharampur, Year 2009
(11) 20 feet-10,51,000 Rudraksha, (Dasha Sorathiya Vanik Samaj, Moksha Vahini Labharth,Shree Rameshbhai Janani) Kandiwali-Mumbai,Year 2009
(12) 25 feet - 13,75,000 Rudraksha, ( Shree Balaji Bhagwan -Balaji Temple, Sillvassa ) Dharampur, Year 2010
(It was get place in Limca Book of Records 2011)
(13) 31 feet-21,00,000 Rudraksha, (Shree Indrakumar Patodiya, Gau Sewarth, Jay Shree Shyam Pariwar Chudidham trust,) Goregaon, Mumbai Year 2010
(14) 25 feet (Rajat Mahotsav), (Blessing of Sadguru Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. 25th MahaShivratri Silver Jubilee Celebration). Dharampur, Year 2010
(15) Ganga Maiya 1,25,000 Rudraksha, (Shree LaxmiNarayan Biyani, Parmarth Sewa Samitee-Mumbai, Hanuman Jayanti Mahotsav) Rushikesh,Year 2011
(16) 11-25 feet 5,25,000 Rudraksha, First Time in the World,Pitru Moksharth Rudraksha Shivling & SHIV KATHA Chittodgarh - Rajasthan 2011
(17) 31-25 feet 20,00,000 Rudraksha, (In presence of Hanumanjee Maharaj 26th Maha Shivratri Mahotsav-Dharampur) Dharampur, Year 2012